ZLY engine oil purifier serie



Technical Features:

1.The Purifier uses a physiochemical reaction to eliminate the electric charge between polar particulate in waste oil,which is gathered into large particles and separatedalso the colloid,bitumen and other compound in oil are also removed.In the meantime the waste gas cleaner and vacuum dewatering functions remove water content,thus oil is cleaned and the effective content of oil is retained.

2.High precision stainless steel net is used, which is anti-corrosive,high temperature resistant and has a good mechanical strength and long lifetime;the easy-to-use,economical and practical pressure filter is used as filter medium.

3.It has a new structure,good layout and is deemed as a "Mini Refinery".

4.Very straightforward and evident effect,can also serve for multiple purposes.

5.Can be tailored to meet the customized needs of individual customers.



1.Fit to recovery of low standard waste oil of gas engine.

2.Also applicable to recovery of other kind of waste oil.




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