SLS manual water purifier



SLS-type manual water purifier has a filtration mechanism and its working principle totally the same with ZLS automatic water purifier, except that the sewage process is completed artificially on a regular basis. When the filter needs sewage drainage, the drainage handle can be artificially switched on, followed by turning a circle to complete a sewage process.


In order to reduce the operating load on manual drainage, the SLS-type manual filter generally applies to low precision filter (1-6 mm).


General technical parameters:

Nominal design pressure: 1.0 MPa, 1.6MPa

Working Pressure: 1.0 MPa, 1.6 MPa

Water pressure (inlet pressure): 0.25 MPa

Outlet back-pressure of water purifier: 0.15 MPa

Filter pressure loss :0.02-0 .1 MPa

Filtering accuracy :1-6 mm

Factory-out standard configuration of SLS manual filter


    ① Water purifier body Anchor bolt

Inlet & outlet anti-Flange

Inlet grounding pressure gauge 




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