XL-D explosion-proof filter


XL-D is used in petroleum fieldschemical engineeringmetallurgy electric power etc XL-D series can efficiently remove water air gas and other impurities from oil and enhance itsbreakdown voltageIt can be used online and onsite withoutinterference of power supply or replacement of fresh oil and it can keep all the control systems operating normally


Integrating the two functions of dehydrating device and vacuum oil purifier, rapidly reducing the water to less than50ppm

A superior purificmion system with top quality filter elementwhich can accommodate largely quantity of dirt and is dandified progressively step by step

The filter element hasgot a high precision and multistage filtrationand highefficiency dehydrating

Online workallowing separated operation of manual operatorsfrom machine with lamps indicating the condition for operation

It is humanization design with low noisedeep purification and long time flee maintenance to save cost from the runningProcess


Optional mode

The customersrequest can be met by adopting PLC intelligentcontroltouch screen and dynamical display

Available in mobile optionimmovable option and trailer

Oil purifier can be made in hermeticalcanopycovetingopenandflame style

Color of the oil purifier can follow customerS favor

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