XL-J Series Special Oil Purifier Insulating Oil


XL-J is widely used to regenerate and purify the deteriorated transformer oilcircuit breaker oilcapacitor oillow viscosity lubricating 0ilin power generation plantstransformer stationselectric transmission and supplying company factoriesminesrailway transportationetcIt can be used as special equipment for electric power transformer maintenanceNot only Can it remove water gasand other impurities from the oilbut also it can remove oxide materials and remove free carbon in the deteriorated oil to lower the PH valueimprove its breakdown voltage and qualityAlso serving as the vacuum oiling equipment and drying equipmentthis filter can live line work on the spot


High-efficiency degassing and dehydration systemit has adopted vacuum flash vaporization technology to remove water and gas in oil

Precise filtration systemhighquality filter elementmulti-stage filtration with gradual precision can help to remove mechanical impurities in the oil

Safe heating system with swirling tubequick temperature increasingstable and even temperature

An advanced fully automatic temperature controlling systemliquidlevel controlling systemdefoaming controlling systempressure protecting system and excellent configuration call ensure operation of the equipment with high performance

Obvious effect on degraded insulating oil treatment online with its lamps indicative of the conditions of operationand it is designed flexibly with low noisedeep purification and free maintenance

Chain safety protection systeman interlocking of oil drainage systemvacuum system and heating systemwhich avoids any possible negative impacts caused by incorrect manipulation

Optional mode

The customersrequest can be met by adopting PLC intelligent controltouch screen and dynamical display.

Available in mobile optionimmovable option and trailer

Oil purifier can be made in hermeticalcanopycoveringopen and frame style

Color ofthe oil purifier can follow customerS favor

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