XL-T series turbine oil filler


XL-T is applicable for thermoelectric generating sethydroelectric generating setnuclear power plantindustrial turbine set and otherindustries where the turbine oil is usedIt can purlfv the turbine oil before the oil deterioratesXL-T is good at emulsion breakingdehydration and removing watergassoapgelatinacidpigment and metal particulates in emulsified turbine oil and lowviscosity lubricating oilwhich can recover the emulsified turbid oil to limpid and clear oilAtier treatmentthe oil quailty index can meet the requirement of the Quality Standard GBT75962000 for Turbine 0il InServicewhich ensures that the unit regulating system and lubrication system work normally,and prolongs the maintenance period


has the coalescence and separation techniqueand threedimensional flash distiIlation techniqueand it has strong ability to breakemulsion and remove water from the oil

st chinese and international process which is an integration of gravity methodevaporation methodaggregation methodvacuumseparation and mechanical purification


Precise multistage filtration system helps to remove difierent kinds of impurities with high quailty filter element of better ability ofcontaining pollutants and long service life


An advanced fully automatic temperature controlling systemliquidlevel controlling systemdefoaming controlling systempressureprotecting system and excellent configuration can ensure operation of the equipment with high performance


It can purlfv any kinds of turbine oil used in steam turbine and water turbine online and onsiteand with its lamps indicative of theconditions for operation


Chain safety protection systeman interlocking of oil drainage systemvacuum system and heating systemwhich avoids any possiblenegative impacts caused by incorrect manipulation


It is humanization design with low  noisedeep purification and long time free maintenance to save cost from the running process

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