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The development of rural marsh gas policies and regulations

The development of rural biogas relevant policies and regulations

● "CPC Central Committee and State Council on doing a good job in agriculture and rural work in opinions" (Zhong Fa [2003] 3) states: "The rural small and medium sized infrastructure construction, to directly increase the income of the farmers, improving rural production and living conditions, results are obvious, it is necessary to speed up development "," National Agricultural infrastructure investment and financial support for agriculture funds, should continue to focus on water-saving irrigation, drinking water, rural roads, rural marsh gas, rural water and electricity, fenced pastures 'six small' projects, expand the scale of investment to enrich the contents of the building. we should focus on returning farmland to forest areas to support the development of rural marsh gas. "

● "CPC Central Committee and State Council on the promotion of farmers to increase income of the policy advice" (Zhong Fa [2004] No. 1) pointed out that the rural marsh gas and other "six small projects," "improving the living conditions of farmers to persuade farmers in employment opportunities, increase income of the farmers play an active role, it is necessary to further increase the scale of investment to enrich the building, and expand the scope of the building. "

● "CPC Central Committee and State Council on Further Strengthening Rural Work to improve agricultural comprehensive production capacity of a number of policy advice" (Zhong Fa [2005] No. 1) request "to accelerate the pace of energy development in rural areas, continue to push forward the building of rural marsh gas."

● "make the building of the State Council on the recent focus on conservation-oriented society to work notice" (Guo Fa [2005] 21) The document requested "to develop in rural household biogas digesters and biogas projects and medium-sized livestock farms to promote the province of Chai's Day coal stoves. "

● Plenum request "vigorously popularize biogas in rural areas, and actively develop the characteristics suitable for rural clean energy."

● "CPC Central Committee and State Council on promoting the building of new socialist countryside Some Opinions" (Zhong Fa [2006] No. 1) states: We should accelerate the pace of rural energy construction, the active promotion of biogas in the appropriate areas. A substantial increase in the scale of rural biogas construction investment, the local conditions, to accelerate the popularization of household biogas to support the building of large and medium sized farms biogas. In order to stimulate construction of biogas digesters in rural areas to change ring, Toilets, changing kitchen.

The development of rural biogas relevant laws and regulations

● "The People's Republic of China Agriculture Law" Article 54 provides that: "governments at all levels should formulate zoning of agricultural resources, agriculture, environmental protection, planning and rural renewable energy development plan."

● "The People's Republic of China Energy Conservation Law," Article IV provides that: "The state encourages the development and utilization of new energy and renewable energy"; Article XI states: "State Department and the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities should be in the capital, technological innovation fund arranged saving funds used to support the rational development and utilization of energy and new energy and renewable energy development. "

● "The People's Republic of China Renewable Energy Law" 18th stipulates: "The state encourages and supports the rural areas of renewable energy development and utilization. Local people's governments above the county level management of energy sectors to work together with relevant departments, according to local economic and social development, ecological protection and sanitation needs of the comprehensive management of the actual situation in rural areas to develop renewable energy development plan, according to local conditions to promote the use of biogas and other biomass resources, conversion, household solar energy, small wind, small hydropower technologies. people's governments above the county level shall be in rural areas of renewable energy utilization projects to provide financial support. "

● "The People's Republic of China Regulations returning farmland to forests," 52nd stipulates: "Local governments at all levels should be based on actual conditions to enhance biogas, small hydropower, solar energy, wind energy construction in rural areas to address the energy needs of those returning farmland to forests. "

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