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2008 International NO one Environmental News

October 24, 2008 to 25, our 16 Asian countries and 27 European Union heads of state and government leaders as well as the European Commission and the ASEAN Secretary-General, was held in Beijing, China the seventh Asia-Europe summit meeting:

Recognizing that the current global population growth and the continued deterioration of the environment, resources and the rapid depletion and weakening ecological carrying capacity of the contradictions in many countries and regions has become increasingly prominent, the achievement of sustainable development is a serious challenge facing mankind and the critical and urgent tasks; Asia and Europe Council member is ready to strengthen cooperation in the spirit of mutual benefit and win-win, in order to make a positive contribution to achieving sustainable development;

Reiterated that the relationship between sustainable development, present and future of mankind, the relationship between national survival and development of the relationship between the stability and prosperity of the world, countries in the pursuit of economic growth should be accompanied by efforts to maintain and improve environmental quality, and give full consideration to the needs of future generations;

Recognizing that economic development, social progress and environmental protection are the three pillars of sustainable development, the three interdependent and mutually reinforcing, stressing the internationally agreed development goals, especially the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, addressing climate change and ensure energy security, social harmony for achieving sustainable development in need of special concern;

Reaffirms the importance of full implementation of the UN Environment and Development, the General Assembly adopted the "Rio Declaration" and the "Agenda 21", the International Conference on Financing for Development to determine the "Monterrey Consensus", "United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change," at the 13th Conference of the Parties adopted by the "Bali road map" as well as adopted at the Summit on Sustainable Development, "Johannesburg Plan of Implementation" and a series of documents identified in the objectives, principles and action planning;

Recalling that the Sixth ASEM Summit, sustainable development, in particular the Millennium Development Goals, climate change, environment and energy as the second decade of the ASEM priority areas of cooperation.

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