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ChongQing XinSiLu Electromechanical Devices Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in R & D, design, manufacture and sale of various oil and water treatment equipment. The company boasts a team of state-level experts on oil-water treatment and the veteran senior engineers on R & D and application, widely absorbing the advanced technologies in the same of products from Germany, Japan, USA and UK. Meanwhile, by combining its multiple patents solely developed with the national situation of this country, the company has successively developed all kinds of high-effective oil filter and water treatment devices with superior quality, dependable performances and first technology. All is being popularly sold in the fields such as petrochemical, power, metallurgical, aviation, coal and military, machinery, shipbuilding, railway, pharmaceutical, food oil production and processing, automobile manufacturing and non-ferrous metal processing.

       Chongqing XinSiLu Electromechanical Devices Co., Ltd. has the oil filters that are strictly manufactured in accordance with the standard JB/T5285 –2001 by Ministry of Machine-Building Industry and the standard DL/T521-93 by Ministry of Power Industry. Using the principle of the international technologies in conglomeration, separation, spray steaming for dehydration and vacuum drying, we can complete the all-round and multi-leveled quick steaming to obtain the high-effective oil-water separation. More than developing filters in different specifications, we can also customize the special fillers as per the field requirements. All types of filters have the necessary advantages including, high-efficiency, low-consumption, easy in operation and maintenance plus the small size, light and mobile merits.

       Chongqing XinSiLu Electromechanical Devices Co., Ltd. has various kinds of water treatment devices by introducing and absorbing the advanced technologies from home and aboard, also combining with the newly developed patents. All is of the merits of continuous filtering, automatic rinsing for draining sewage, compact in structure, reliable in operation, low water consumption and cheap in maintenance.

       Chongqing XinSiLu Electromechanical Devices Co., Ltd. is, by virtue of the first-class products, technologies and services, making all its efforts to forge the company into the largest production base for oil-water treatment equipment in China. In energy saving and consumption reducing and the scientific utilizing of energy, The products are postively evaluated by a number of new and old customers at home and abroad. Xinsilu is dedicated to working with all these customers on energy saving for the benifits of environmental protection in the world!


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